'The Golden Couple'

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis, otherwise known as the 'golden couple' of disabled sport, are two of Great Britain's most successful paralympians of the last decade, amassing 20 Paralympic medals between them including an amazing 8 golds. I am the brother of Sascha and am tracking their progress from Athens 2004 to London 2012. Read about their journey to Paralympic Glory here!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sascha & Nyree talk to BBC Sport

In case you haven't heard it, Sascha and Nyree talked to BBC Sport at the end of 2006 to reflect on the year and the hopes for the future.

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News from Macau, China

Sascha emailed me this week with some news from the training camp in Macau, China. Here's the scoop...

Training has been going pretty good since we got here. It's great that it's similar to our home programme so that we are able to recover each week. We did eight swim sessions last week and will do nine each week in the next two weeks in which we are here.

On Saturday we went to Hong Kong after our morning training which was about one hour away on the ferry. Wow, what a city! I'ts pretty impressive with a lot of high rise buildings and billboards everywhere advertising products. It was also extremely busy though and could definatley get too much if we weren't there being occupied with a training camp! With all the billboards across street, Chinese writing and adverts, it starts to give you head ache after a while.

Bartering on the markets is pretty good fun and you can get some really good local bargains there. Every second shop is an electrical shop and they are all competing to sell the same products so haggling can be done.

We're now into our second week here, and although we've had some really tough sessions, we realise we are not as unfit as we first thought after eating all that Christmas turkey. We're both competing well and Lars, our head coach, said that next time we swim we wiill have less rest because we are doing so well.

So 10 sessions down, 16 to go, but its not like we are counting. We are enjoying this camp with such a small team and the atmosphere amongst us all is great. Next weekend we are going into Macau city centre to see the local sights and and will see much of the preperations of the Chinese New year being put up. It is the year of the pig for those that don't know! (Sascha and Timo are snakes and Nyree is a monkey).

Anyway, take care for now and keep well. We will write more soon.


Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here's some interesting news! Apparently we're bidding to stage the IPC World Swimming Championships in 2010. Fingers crossed we get it as it will be great for the build up of the GB Swimming team.

GB bid to host 2010 championships

Britain won an impressive haul of medals in DurbanGreat Britain has made an initial application to stage the 2010 IPC World Swimming Championships in Sheffield.

The World Championships is the second largest competition in disability swimming after the Paralympic Games.
Greece, Holland, France, Hungary, USA and Columbia have also expressed an interest in hosting the event.

Team GB returned from the last tournament - held in Durban earlier this month - with 24 gold, 14 silver and 14 bronze medals.

British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes believes that the staging the championships would play a vital role in the country's preparations for the London Paralympics in 2012.

"Not only will it develop our athletes, but it is also a significant opportunity to develop expertise of our staff and volunteers two years out from the Games," said Sparkes.

Source: BBC - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/disability_sport/6197571.stm

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In the News...

Below is an article that appeared in last weeks Hereford Times....

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hello there and a happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and have not broken too many of your New Year resolutions already!

Apologies for not writing until now but as you can imagine it’s been a pretty hectic festive period with lots going on as well as being a busy start to the year at work again. Although busy, it’s been surprisingly much easier to settle back into work than I thought it would be which is good. I think much of that is down to setting a couple of new years resolutions myself which I’m currently still sticking too (although early days yet!) and the thought of so much that is ahead for 2007.

So much, that this weekend I went down to my mothers as I’m not sure when I will next get the chance in the coming months. Sascha and Nyree were also there as they were flying off to Macau in China on Saturday for a three week training course with the British Paralympic Association. It was lovely to see them just before they flew off again and I managed to ask them a few questions about the trip and also their time off at Christmas:

How was your Christmas?

N: Absolutely lovely! We didn’t have to get up at 6am or swim 4000km every day! (laughs).

S: Yeah, it was great to be able to relax as we have trained so hard throughout the year as all the team do. Just before Christmas we took a holiday to Las Vegas as we’d been meaning to go back there. That was great and Beatrice (Mine and Sascha’s mother) was able to join us out there too, along with you (Timo), and Beatrice’s friend. We all didn’t have very much money, but we had a great time there anyway.

N: Following that Timo joined us for a couple of days in Hereford and we enjoyed a Christmas meal out with Emma (coach) and some other people we’ve met since moving to Hereford. After that, my family came to stay for a few days and then after they left we just enjoyed a bit of piece and quiet before returning to training on January 3rd.

What was that like? You must have struggled a bit at first?:

S: Yes, we always do but it doesn’t take us long to get back into the swing of things. It was incredibly hard to get up on that first day though!

What tends to be the training routine after some time off? Does the coach start you off gently or is there no sympathy if you eat too much turkey and chocolate!?:

N: No, luckily our coach is good and began gently with the aim to get our fitness back up first. Of course when I say gently, it’s still pretty hard compared to an extra three hours in bed!

And what are your times like at the moment?:

(Both Sascha and Nyree laugh)

S: It’s been three week’s sine we swam. I’m sure our rivals would want to fast forward to Beijing now as we’d struggle to win a medal! Of course that will improve though. It usually takes us about 2 - 3 weeks to get back into shape so we will be swimming as normal again in Macau.

Speaking of Macau, when are you flying out and what is it in aid of?

S: The British Paralympic Association have picked eight swimmers to fly out to Macau in China who are most likely at this point to go to Beijing in 2008. It will give us all an idea of what to expect in Beijing when we go there next year, giving us a chance to get a feel for our surroundings, the water, the temperature, etc.

How long do you go for?:

S: We head out on the 13th of January and return on February 5th.

N: Yes, it is just the swimming team for the first week, and then for the last two weeks the BPA will send out athletes from other sports too.

So whom are the other eight and how well do you know them?:

N: The others going are Matt Walker, Natalie Jones, Liz Johnson, Emma Cattle, Claire Cashmore and Rob Welbourn. It’s a great mix of experience and youth and we all get on superbly as we’ve all been away together before and always support one another.

This may sound like a stupid question, but why now? Why not just before Beijing?:

S: Well, we will be having a holding camp in exactly the same place for a couple of weeks running up to Beijing 2008 so it’s more to do with getting a feel for the place now. The earlier we prepare, the better prepared we’ll be.
Timo: When you return, when will be your next competition?:

N: We have the British Nationals in March and then the World Cup in May. As we’re now just over a year away from Beijing 2008, these events will be very important and we won’t want to let our rivals get the better of us at all. It’s important to remain focused, continue getting good times, and to keep winning.

Timo: Is there anything else coming up?:

S: Well, we have athlete and coach reviews in February which is where our director, Tim Reddish and head coach Lars discuss the last year with us and our daily coach Emma Patrick. It will also be a good chance to talk about 2007 and our goals and it will be very important as we have to show UK Sport that we are still doing the work to warrant the Lottery funding that we receive.

N: Yes, and we also have the Hereford Council Sports Awards in February too. We haven’t been to them yet as we only moved to Hereford last year so it will be interesting to see what they are like.

Well, good luck in Macau and see you when you get back!

Sascha and Nyree will be sending updates from their training and stay in Macau soon. Watch this space!