'The Golden Couple'

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis, otherwise known as the 'golden couple' of disabled sport, are two of Great Britain's most successful paralympians of the last decade, amassing 20 Paralympic medals between them including an amazing 8 golds. I am the brother of Sascha and am tracking their progress from Athens 2004 to London 2012. Read about their journey to Paralympic Glory here!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

ASA British Long Course Championships - Manchester

This week has seen Sascha and Nyree travel to Manchester to swim in the ASA British Long Course Championships in Manchester.

Both are swimming in a number of events which you can keep track of at:


All the disability events swum over the weekend are Multi Disability (MD), which means that swimmers from different classifications swim against one another. There are a couple of reasons for this which include that there may not be enough swimmers at the competition to have finals for each classification, and to increase competition as the winner isn't always the swimmer who finishes first, but instead the swimmer who gets closest to the world record from their own classification.

So for example, the world record in the 100m SB7 Breaststroke which Sascha holds is 1:22.77. In the same event but for an SB6 the World Record is 1:27.04 held by Sascha's team mate Gareth Duke. Now, if they both swim in the same MD event, yet sascha finishes ahead of Gareth in a time of 1:23.77, yet Gareth finishes in a time of 1:27.10, Gareth would win the event as he finished closest to his World Record and would pick up more points. This way, the competition is always very high, the times are quick and, there is often a chance of one or more World Records being set in the event. If I've lost you here - feel free to ask me any quesitons. Also, if you see 1000 points or more anywhere, it means a World Record has been broken (you might see this below!).

Anyway, so far Sascha and Nyree have had good success at this year's championships. Here are some of the results:

01/03/2007 - Mens 200m Individual Medley MD Final:

1st - Sascha Kindred (S7) - 2:49.28 MD points = 946
2nd - Robert Welbourn (S10) - 2:24.58 MD points = 827
3rd - David Ellis (13) - 2:30.56 MD points = 798

31/03/07 - Mens 50m MD Butterfly Final:

1st - Sascha Kindred (S6) - 34.64 MD points = 824
2nd - Graham Edmunds (S10) - 30.18 MD points = 714

31/03/07 - Womens 100m MD Freestyle Final:

1st - Danielle Watts (S1) - 2:56.49 MD points = 988
8th - Nyree Lewis (S6) - 1:29.50 MD points = 648

30/03/07 - Mens 100m MD Breaststroke Final:

1st - Sascha Kindred (SB7) - 1:24.44 MD points = 942
2nd - Gareth Duke (SB6) - 1:30.91 MD points = 878
3rd - Callum Lawson (SB9) - 1:16.88 MD points = 792

30/03/07 - Womens 50m Backstroke Final:

1st - Nyree Lewis (S6) - 43.79 MD points = 1097 - WORLD RECORD!
2nd - Danielle Watts (S1) - 1:25.38 MD points = 893
3rd - Kate Grey (S9) - 37.05 MD points = 769

29/03/07 - Mens 50m MD Breaststroke Final:

1st - Gareth Duke (SB6) - 41.16 MD points = 996
2nd - Sascha Kindred (SB7) - 39.30 MD points = 962
3rd - David Ellis (SB13) - 33.55 MD points = 852

29/03/07 - Womens 100m Backstroke Final:

1st - Nyree Lewis (S6) - 1:31.31 MD points - 889
2nd - Heather Frederiksen (S6) - 1:34.72 MD points - 796
3rd - Emma Cattle (S10) - 1:21.02 MD points - 708

Overall, very impressive swims by both Sascha and Nyree, and a MASSIVE well done to Nyree for yet another World Record!

Over and out!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Congratulations to Stephen Miller and mum Ros!

I just thought I'd post a little congratulations to Stephen Miller and his mum Ros for winning the Newcastle Sports Personality of the Year Award between them.

It's an amazing achievement for them and crowns an excellent year for Stephen after coming back from injury to again break his own world record in the F32 club event.

Well done to them both!!

read more here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/disability_sport/6443359.stm

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Coming UP.......

Well, there's not been much happening for Sascha and Nyree, so I thought I'd remind you all of what they have coming up in the near future.

This coming week Sascha and Nyree have both been nominated for awards at the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Partnership Sports Awards - as the female and male sports personality of the year. They recently cleaned up at the Hereford Sports Awards so maybe another win is on the cards!?

Later this month they have the CP Nationals in Nottingham, and then from the 28th of March to April 1st it is the British Nationals in Manchester.

On May the 4th, they have both been invited to the opening of a local school in Hertfordshire - yes, not just swimming pools, but schools now as well! Soon it will be towns, and then the world!

Later in May, Sascha and Nyree are both on the programme during this year's Paralympic World Cup in Manchester - the third World Cup to take place. Sascha will be swimming in his favourite event the 200IM and is likely to face some tough competition from some of his main rivals which will give us all a good idea of who is in good shape just one year away from Beijing. Nyree is confirmed to race in the 200Im and the 100 back, so she has an even tougher task, but will be looking to lay down a marker before Beijing also.

So all in all they have some busy months ahead. Keep up the good work!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Going to Beijing?

Now if you're like me and pretty organised, you're probably already wondering what to buy your parents or your kids for Christmas, or maybe even planning your holiday for the year 2040 when a trip to the moon will possibly be the number one holiday destination. Well ok, maybe that's just being stupid, however, it might be time to start considering whether you and your friends or family might actually go along to watch and support our athletes at the games in Beijing next year.

Undoubtedly if you are, there will be many questions that you're asking yourself like, 'can we really afford it', 'will other people be going', 'doesn't it look a long way', or most importantly, 'will they serve us fish and chips over there' (there are always a few aren't there!).

Well, if you are one of these people, or a group of people who are interested in going to Beijing, I will be going to with a number of friends of mine, a few of which went to Athens in 2004. As we've been before, we know a little bit about what to expect and how exciting the games are, however, there will of course be a number of things we will need to investigate before going to Beijing just like you.

Therefore, I have created a new blog called 'Going 2 Beijing' which you can find at 'www.going2beijing.blogspot.com'. This site will basically tell you all about our preparation for our trip to Beijing and will hopefully give a little advice about the trip, whether you're planning to go just for a few days, or for a couple of weeks with a holiday mixed in with it for good measure.

Please do take a look now and again. It is unlikely that much will happen over the next few months, but I will let you all know about or plans and where we are looking for flights, hotels, etc. As from approximately September things are likely to pick up as this is when flights will start to become available etc.

Also, if you have any questions or information, I would encourage you to email me at kindredtk@hotmail.com, or alternatively leave a comment for you. I would be happy to post blogs from other people and attribute them to you so feel to write as much as possible. If you've found some great that everyone must go to while in Beijing, then let me know!

Anyway, good luck and we'll see you there! Timo