'The Golden Couple'

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis, otherwise known as the 'golden couple' of disabled sport, are two of Great Britain's most successful paralympians of the last decade, amassing 20 Paralympic medals between them including an amazing 8 golds. I am the brother of Sascha and am tracking their progress from Athens 2004 to London 2012. Read about their journey to Paralympic Glory here!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello and a Happy New Year to one and all! I hope you are well and enjoyed a good break over the festive period.

So, we're now into 2008 can you believe it? Already another Olympic and Paralympics games approach us swiftly and is enough to make all us sports fan salivate at the thought of watching non-stop sport during the summer on tv. You're all aware of Homer Simpson right? Well, you know when he starts dribbling at the thought of the simple things in life, like beer, or telly? Well, that's me that is, but thinking about the amount of sport I can watch! *grin*

Of course, there are a few people that won't get to watch quite so much television over the summer and they include all the athletes that we will be watching as they will have training and last minute Preperations to complete. For Sascha and Nyree, there is now no time for rest. Both flew off to Australia on Friday the 4th January for a three week acclimatisation training camp. "Australia, the lucky sods" I bet you're thinking. But I've learnt over the years from when I used to think that too, that these camps aren't really the holiday that many of us would imagine them to be. Yes, they do get to stay in nice hotels in hot places, but quite often, aside from a hole in the ground with water in it, the nice hotel is actually all they see in the hot places they visit.

For them it will be three weeks of non-stop training. 6000-8000m plus of water every day morning, noon and night. Maybe not so much of a holiday now! Hopefully the three week training session will get Sascha and Nyree and all the other paralympics swimmers in great shape before the last competitions that they have between February and July, after which, they will spend 2-3 weeks in Macau on a pre-paralympic training camp to warm up for Beijing.

As for the main competitions of the year, Sascha and Nyree are both likely to be competing again at this year's Paralympic World Cup in Manchester again although that is to be confirmed. This year's cup will take place between the 7th and 11th of May and will again be even bigger than last years. There will also be the Paralympic trials in March, plus the DSE National Championships in Sheffield in April, both of which I will write more about in the coming months.

So, let's wish Sascha and Nyree and all the other Paralympic swimmers and athletes good luck for 2008 and great success in Beijing. Bring home the bacon guys!

For those that are interested in going to Beijing, a few of us are booking our flights this month and will then be looking for accommodation. If you're on Facebook, there is a group called 'Going to Beijing' which you can join for information. With regard to event tickets, the first phase of ticket allocation is over and was done via application and lottery procedure. If you have missed this, as we have, tickets then go on sale to the general public in April.

I will put more information on this group and also on the 'Going to Beijing' link of this site.

Any questions let me know.