'The Golden Couple'

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis, otherwise known as the 'golden couple' of disabled sport, are two of Great Britain's most successful paralympians of the last decade, amassing 20 Paralympic medals between them including an amazing 8 golds. I am the brother of Sascha and am tracking their progress from Athens 2004 to London 2012. Read about their journey to Paralympic Glory here!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Schedule...

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis will be swimming on the following dates:

Sunday 7th September
Sascha - 200M SM6 Individual Medley (1) – WR Holder and Defending Champion
Nyree - 200M SM6 Individual Medley (2)

Tuesday 9th September
Sascha – 100M SB7 Breaststroke (1) – WR Holder and Defending Champion
Nyree – 100M S6 Backstroke (1) – WR Holder and Defending Champion

Friday 12th September
Nyree – 100M SB5 Breaststroke (2)

Saturday 13th September
Sascha – 50M S6 Butterfly (2) – European Record Holder

Sunday 14th September
Nyree – 400M S6 Freestyle (2)

Monday 15th September
Sascha – 50M S6 Freestyle (8) – British Record Holder

The numbers in brackets are their world rankings so as you can see they have a pretty realistic chance of defending some, if not all, of their titles from Athens four years ago I which Sascha won three medals (two gold and one bronze) and Nyree won five medals (two gold, two silver and one bronze).

BBC television coverage of the Paralympics will be more extensive than ever with coverage being streamed live for six hours a day through the red button (interactive) and via broadband. They will have heats in the morning (heats begin at about 03:00 GMT) and finals in the evenings (begin at about 10:00 GMT). Daily highlight programmes on the BBC will be shown between 1900 and 2000 and will also be available on iPlayer.
Any questions feel free to ask me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Luck!

Well, Sascha and Nyree are finally off tomorrow and heading to Beijing. Yes, they set off with other members of the swimming team from the South of England to Heathrow tomorrow evening and head to Macau first to the training camp.

It's the same training camp that the Olympic team stayed in and the hotel is one of the best hotels in Macau and Greater China. It's called the Western Resort Macau and is situated on 150 acres of rolling greens overlooking the South China Sea (pictured below). Not bad hey!

Approximately 215 athletes and team staff will be staying at the hotel. ParalympicGB will provide a number of facilities at the hotel to make their stay more comfortable including and Athlete Lounge, Cyber Cafe, ParalympicsGB Office and Meeting Rooms.

The team will be training twice a day at the Macau Piscina Olimpica de Macau (pictured below), one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. The team will probably be glad to get into the pool as Macau's subtropical climate is very hot and humid with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees and humidity averaging between 75 and 90%.

The Team will be staying in Macau until 4 September and will then travel up to Beijing where they will reside within the Paralympic village (Olympic Village).

So that they can find their apartments more easily in the Paralympic Village, the Beijing Olympic Committee have put an iconic British red telephone box outside. I feel a good photo opportunity coming on!! The Paralympic village is located at the northern end of Beijing's north-South "Central axis." It covers 66 hectares and lies adjacent to the Olympic Forest Park South. It is also an alcohol free village - take note athletes!!! :o)

The apartment blocks are home to thousands of athletes and staff during the games and will be a really exciting place to be. Each country is designated an apartment block with all athletes and staff from that country staying together regardless of their sport. The Food hall is open 24 hours a day and is a great meeting place for athletes. The village also boasts other facilities including a sports centre, an outdoor 50m pool, tennis and basketball courts, Internet cafe, DVD lounge and games room, medical centre and a sports information centre.

The national aquatics centre is situated 2.5km from the village and holds 17,000 spectators. The competition is venue is a 10 lane, 25 x 50 m pool. Only eight lanes of the pool are used in competition.

So there you have it. A few details about what they are doing and where they will be staying.
I'm heading out to Beijing on the 4th with a few friends and mine and Sascha's mum. We're all heading to the opening ceremony on the 6th although Sascha and Nyree unfortunately won't be there as they are swimming the next day. It was the same in Athens though and the opening ceremony is a spectable enough in itself - I'm so excited!!!
Anyway, GOOD LUCK to both of them and here's looking forward to seeing the bacon (medals) out there and when they return.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


As we're now less than three weeks away to the games, I thought it would be useful to create a list of where Nyree and Sascha are currently ranked in the world (as of July 2008) in the events they are going to swim in.

Nyree Lewis

100m Backstroke S6 - Rank 1 - World Record Holder (1:26.90)

100m Breaststroke SB5 - Rank 2
200IM SM6 - Rank 2

400m Freestyle S6 - Rank 2

Sascha Kindred

100m Breaststroke SB7 - Rank 1 - World Record Holder (1:22.77)
200IM SM6 - Rank 1 - World Record Holder (2:43.09)

50m Butterfly S6 - Rank 2 - European Record Holder (32.49)

50m Freestyle S6 - Rank 8 - British Record Holder (32.11)

Here we can tell that Nyree and Sascha realistically have a chance of winning 7 medals between them. It will be slightly tougher for Nyree to win in some of her events as she has some tough competition from her British team mates Natalie Jones and Eleanor Simmonds, but she's swimming well at the moment so she'll definitely fancy her chances of beating them. As for Sascha, it would be difficult to see past him for the 100m Breaststroke and the 200m Individual Medley, and he has a really good chance of claiming a third gold at the same Paralympics for the first time ever in the 50m Butterfly thanks to a change of training since last year.

We'll of course be losing our voices on the sidelines cheering them on and hope you will be too on the television if you aren't heading over. I'll be posting some information about television coverage soon so look out for that.

Lego Village

Lego, it's a wonderful thing. I remember playing with lego for years when I was younger, building castles, playing out wars between Robin Hood and Darth Vadar and pretty much build anything out of it. The best thing I ever built was a an exact copy of the stealth like helicopter from the television show Airwolf. And I mean exact copy. It was shaped to perfection with the most aerodynamic (not that I new much about aerodynamics at the age of 10) front that you could ever imagine, flying at speed through great grand canyon like valleys (my duvet) and shooting down bad guys (moustache wearing lego men) with consummate ease.

Of course, although i still play with lego only every other weekend now (!!!), I can still see the beauty in it and was really impressed when I saw an article in the Daily Telegraph about a detailed lego replica of the Beijing Olympic site (see link below). I mean, how cool is that?


I wonder if it was cheaper to make than the real thing!?

Personally I would have loved to go and visit it but unfortunately it's only showing at the Grand Century Palace in Hong Kong until August 31st (we're there in late September) so it won't be possible. If you do go and see it, please send me some more photos as I'd be interested to see more pictures.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Media Coverage Survey - Your Help is Required!

A while ago I created a survey to get your views about media coverage of disability sport. I got some good responses but would like to make it more substantial, especially as we are just coming up to the Paralympics which will start on 6th September 2008.

Therefore, I'd be really grateful if you could take a look at the survey and give your honest opinion to the answers. I've had a few interesting ones so far and will of course be giving my own views on the matter in the coming weeks.

So, if you have a little time on your hands, please go to the survey which you can find at: Disability Sport and Media Coverage Survey.

There are only 10 questions so it should only take you 5 - 10 minutes.

Any questions at all please ask me.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Website Coming Soon!

For all those keen to find out more about Sascha I will shortly be creating a website for him which will be located at www.saschakindred.co.uk (although I've bought the domain name it's not live yet) and will feature much more information about Sascha himself including a number of different pages including:
  • A biography on Sascha
  • A timeline of events
  • A full history of medals and records
  • Questions and Answers page
  • News page plus link into the golden couple blog
  • Images and videos
  • And much more
Of course the site will feature Nyree on it as well but the main focus will be on Sascha as he is especially keen to further expand his training and speaking possibilities post Beijing.

I plan to get it up and running before the Paralympics start on the 6th September so watch this space before then and if you have any comments or would like to see anything in particular, let me know at kindredtk@hotmail.com.

Friday, August 01, 2008

In the News...

Here's a snippet from the local paper 'The Crawley News' where my mum lives about Sascha heading to Beijing.

The Crawley News have been great with writing little bits and bobs about Sascha since we originally moved there way back in about 1998 so a big thanks to them for keeping track of him.

I'll be trying to post more regular updates over the next two months, although admittedly it might be a bit tricky when I'm over in China due to web access, but i'll try my best and will also do a full round-up of everything afterwards.